Shiny Desktop

Clean up your desktop today
Is your desktop a mess filled with hundreds of files and folders? Shiny Desktop lets you clean up your desktop by automatically sorting your files into folders based on their file type.
Product screenshot

Introducing Shiny Desktop for Windows 10/11

Tired of covering your beautiful wallpaper with hundreds of files and folders of unsorted documents, images and project folders?

Like most of us you use your desktop as a place of storing your files and projects, but soon it becomes very difficult to find that document you where last working on.

Shiny Desktop to the rescue!

Shiny Desktop will automatically sort your desktop files into different folders based on their file type. This could for example be a folder for your documents, images, spreadsheets and so on.

If you are coming from a Mac environment Shiny Desktop works similar to the Desktop Stacks feature of macOS.

Shiny Desktop is really simple to use. Set up your sorting folders (or use the default ones) and with a click of a button your desktop will automatically be sorted. You can also set up Shiny Desktop to automatically clean your desktop at certain time intervals keeping the problem of a messy desktop away for good!

So go download the Free trial from the Microsoft Store today and enjoy the peace of mind of having a clean organized desktop everyday.